Marble Works is a small company, but it’s one that’s a lifesaver to law firms.

So why haven’t you heard of us? You haven’t heard of us because we don’t advertise and we are discreet. Our client list might surprise you, but you won’t see their names here or anywhere else. When we started out, some early clients said ‘no names’, so we kept it that way.

We are a consultancy with a narrow focus - providing communications for law firms. Our people advise law firms of all sizes on marketing their business and improving their English legal documents.

We proofread and edit the legal documents of some of the largest law firms in the world. We also write and edit their advertising materials and legal directory submissions.

Your question is, 'what can Marble Works do for my law firm?'

We improve all of your English-language work, make your voice heard in social media, and get higher rankings for your law firm in the legal directories. Chambers, Legal 500 and IFLR1000 are our main focus.

How can we do this?
We can do this because all of our people have worked with leading international law firms, and our native-English reviewers are experienced legal proof readers, copy editors and legal directory experts. We offer unparalleled knowledge and provide work products of the highest quality.

As a general rule we only work with a handful of law firms in each country. This keeps our service discreet and confidential.

We save you time and money
Not every law firm has the resources to hire full-time staff to proofread documents, and not every law firm has people with the experience needed. That’s where we come in: you don’t need to hire anyone and you get the right experience immediately.

What does it cost?
Email us and tell us how many submissions you send out per year, to which directories, and if you have any marketing people.

Engaging Marble Works to
review your English-language work, prepare your legal directory submissions, and help protect your reputation, is a wise choice.

It’s very efficient and it gets results.
Some law firms have us prepare all of their legal directory submissions and do their social media work. Other law firms are small and only need us for reviewing documents.

The point is that we are there when you need us to be, and you only pay for what you need.

This website is deliberately small and simple. If you are interested in our work,
contact us by email.